When evolution goes haywire: 5 examples of maladaptation in the animal kingdom

Many people perceive evolution as a process that continually creates improvement, making animals ever bigger, faster and stronger. However this is not always the case. During sexual reproduction random genetic mutations can occur—some of these mutations cause changes that adapt the animal for optimal survival in its environment. Some changes may be neutral, but some … Continued

Deadly toxic toads invade Madagascar

Madagascar is being invaded by a species of toxic toad that’s placing the African island’s unique native fauna in massive danger, also posing a significant threat to human health and even the nation’s economy, a new scientific study has revealed. The Asian toad (Duttaphrynus melanostictus), also known as the the Javanese, black-spectacled or black-spined toad, is … Continued

Island toad population cleared of killer amphibian fungus

A deadly fungus that has been decimating amphibians worldwide for decades has been eradicated from an island population of wild toads, thanks to a breakthrough study. Chytridiomycosis—the infection caused by the chytrid fungus—is considered by the IUCN to be the worst disease to affect vertebrates in recorded history, in terms of the number of species … Continued