Child's apology note helps spread message of nature preservation

Kids say the darnedest things, and we often overlook the importance of their words. However, the staff at the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks were so touched by the note they received from a young visitor, they just had to share the child’s message. In the note, which has gained traction on the park’s … Continued

A 5,000-year-old tree in Scotland is changing sex

Something strange is happening to Britain’s oldest tree: it appears to be changing sex. Reputed to be 5,000 years old, the Fortingall Yew in Perthshire, Scotland, has awed visitors for centuries due to its immense age. Now, the ancient tree, which could be the oldest in the UK, is causing more wonder by apparently undergoing … Continued

The natural world: Arboreal locomotion

Definition: movement within and between trees Some of us are better at it than others, but on the whole the human species remains pretty rubbish when it comes to the task of climbing trees. With a bit of courage we may be able to scramble up a trunk with conveniently spaced branches, but jumping from … Continued

HS2 threatens 100 ancient woods

Nearly 100 of Britain’s precious ancient woods could be lost or damaged during the construction of the first phase of the High Speed Two (HS2) rail line, the Woodland Trust has warned. Research by the charity has revealed that a total of 97 ancient woodlands lie in the path of the proposed HS2 line, which … Continued