Vultures: Kings of the Dead

Vultures are the kings of the dead, because even though they eat rotting carcasses and bones, they look grandiose doing so… for the most part.

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This man combined paragliding and falconry to help educate people about vultures

When you tell someone to picture a vulture in their mind’s eye, many folks think of a creepy, bald-headed bird preying on the carcasses of dead animals. While they do have a penchant for feasting on carrion, these remarkable birds are not deserving of their bad reputation. In fact, they are quite a beautiful sight … Continued

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Meet the man who invented parahawking and who's still fighting for Nepal's vultures—15 years later

In Nepal in 2001, Scott Mason invented parahawking—an internationally acclaimed concept that combines falconry with paragliding to offer a unique adventure with an important conservation message. In 2005 he made the award-winning film, Flight for Survival, to draw attention to the plight of Asia’s vultures—seriously endangered birds that are vital to the ecosystem but have … Continued

Africa's vultures are circling towards extinction, a new study warns

One of nature’s most iconic birds—the vultures of Africa—is now in serious danger of vanishing from the continent completely, a new study reports. The assessment, carried out by BirdLife International, discovered that six of Africa’s 11 vulture species are now at risk of extinction. The drastic population decline is thought to be the result of … Continued