Remembering the animals that went to war

War is often regarded as the greatest downfall of humankind. Indeed, no other species commits such wanton destruction on such a grandiose scale and with such horrifying efficiency. It’s tragic too then, that as humanity has domesticated wildlife, we have incorporated them into our fights and conflicts. During the First World War, along with a million … Continued

Animals that go to War

With our unparalleled ability to plan, organise, and wield weaponry, it seems like humans are uniquely gifted in the art of war. However, there’s nothing on our battlefields that Mother Nature didn’t think of first. From insect suicide bombers to violent monkey revolutionaries, our non-human counterparts can sometimes be every bit as strategic, coordinated, and … Continued

Russia revives combat dolphin programme

As relations between Eastern and Western superpowers continue to cool, Russia looks poised to restart a programme mothballed after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, which once saw dolphins and other intelligent marine mammals used for military missions. Accessing the government’s procurement website, Russian reporters revealed that an … Continued