Rivers are now so polluted with drugs that even wildlife is getting high

You are what you eat. Or in this case, perhaps it’s more accurate to say you are what you swim in. We’ve heard of everything from contraceptives to antidepressants affecting aquatic ecosystems and the creatures that rely on them, but now a new study is pointing to the dangers of illicit drugs—namely cocaine—being dumped into … Continued

The macroscopic splendour of snowflake photography

Canadian nature and landscape photographer Don Komarechka has a passion for exposing the hidden aspects of the world around us—and clearly a real knack for it. Komarechka uses a suite of tricks to showcase everything nature, from the progression of a Lunar eclipse to the compound eye of a deer fly, but some of his … Continued

Exploring the shifting shorelines of Armenia’s largest lake

There was a moment in spring 2012 when bureaucrats in the Armenian capital Yerevan gave a little cheer for Lake Sevan. Boosted by spring runoff from the surrounding mountains, the lake’s water level had finally risen above the 1900m contour, bringing it up to the same benchmark that had prevailed fifty years ago—before catastrophic man-made … Continued

Is this cauliflower growing underwater, or is it an upside-down jellyfish?

These strange looking creatures are not some rare form of cauliflower that only grows under the ocean waves. It is the upside-down jellyfish, a species that spends most of its life upside-down on the ocean floor. Watch Vicious Beauties, now on the Love Nature app. Not a member? Subscribe now and get your first 30 … Continued

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Exploring the extreme resourcefulness of animals that live at the 'dry limit of life'

As far as we know, water is fundamental to all life on this planet. But there are places on Earth that receive as little as 0.76 mm of rainfall a year and have no open freshwater sources. To live in these extremely arid environments, evolution has favoured those able to adjust to life with little water, … Continued

Astonishing new discovery points to oceans beneath the Earth

As we all remember from school, some 71 per cent of the surface of the globe is covered by water. But what if all that H2O was just the tip of the unfrozen iceberg? Imagine if, deep within our planet, just as much water again was sloshing around in a giant subterranean ocean. It’s enough … Continued

5 freshwater species at risk in Canada

These are just a handful of the species at risk in Canada’s freshwater ecosystems. The health of Canada’s watersheds and maintaining our access to freshwater, food and more, is integral to protecting the livelihood of these species. Learn more about these five species from David Miller, President and CEO of WWF-Canada. Video produced by Blue … Continued

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This fist-sized, fish-eating spider is out to reclaim British wetlands

One of Britain’s largest arachnids—the fist-sized, fish-gobbling fen raft spider—has once again returned to the wild in growing numbers, after being pushed to the precipice of extinction just five years ago. The size of this super spider, which can balance on water thanks to a whopping (for a UK spider) 8cm leg-span, may be a little … Continued

Mars has flowing liquid water, NASA confirms

It seems the Red Planet has a little bit more in common with its blue neighbour than than her arid appearance first suggests, it’s confirmed today after NASA announced that liquid water has been detected on the surface of Mars for the first time. Images from the space agency’s orbiting satellite, The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), … Continued