Wolf? Fox? Deer? The maned wolf is not any of those things

The maned wolf is a very odd creature: It resembles a cross between a wolf and a fox, with the long legs of a deer. However, it is not closely related to other canines, and sits in its own genus called Chrysocyon. They are all members of the canid family of which the maned wolf … Continued

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Hungry hyena hangs out with wolf pack

Wolves and hyenas—two species of opportunistic carnivores infamous for their ruthless predatory instincts— are highly unlikely bedfellows, but evidence unearthed in Israel’s Negev Desert and recently published in the journal Zoology in the Middle East,  has revealed that the two species can travel and work together in order to survive in some of the world’s … Continued

And the world's greatest pack hunters are...

If you thought the world’s greatest ‘pack’ hunters are wolves, technically you’re probably right. But there’s quite a few species that cooperatively hunt like wolves whose social units aren’t called packs, rather basks, drafts, pods, prides, casts, clans, colonies, congregations and troops. While the vast majority of meat-eaters hunt alone, there are a small percentage … Continued

The story of the steppe wolf

The wolf has been portrayed as the pariah of the prairie and the killer on the steppe for as long as anyone can remember in Kazakhstan—just as it has around the rest of the world. From folklore to fairy tales, Canis lupus is the go-to villain of numerous narratives, forever menacing children or slaughtering valuable … Continued

Coywolf dominates northeastern North America but fails to be formally recognised

In the 1930s and 40s, a rather unusual looking breed of wild dog began to pop up across the northeastern United States. Smaller than a wolf but much larger than a coyote, the crossbreed was classified in the late 1960s as an eastern coyote or coydog, a cross between a coyote and a dog. Though … Continued