9 amazing gifts for wildlife lovers

Finding that perfect gift is a tricky confluence of knowing the recipient, figuring out a surprise element, and gifting something the person would probably never purchase for themselves. It’s a hard task, but when you actually nail it there’s no greater feeling.

Of course the hardest part in all of that is finding the great gift in question. Here’s some good news though: if it’s a wildlife lover you’re looking for, we’ve got your back. Here are nine suggestions for amazing and unique gifts that are pretty much guaranteed to be a hit.

A bee house

9 amazing gifts for wildlife lovers - bee house
Andrea Geiss/Shutterstock

Wildflowers are nice, but if you really want to help the bee population why not go full bee and give the gift of a bee house (or mansion)? There are plenty of options out there for purchase, or you could even make one yourself.

Backyard camera trap

9 amazing gifts for wildlife lovers - camera trap
Surasak Khankasikam/Shutterstock

It can be hard for the hardcore wildlife lovers to get out there and capture the true essence of their favourite animals in the wild. Enter backyard camera traps, which have come down in pricing these past few years. Gift one so that your recipient can either strap it to a tree in the yard, or set it up on their next camping or wildlife trek.

Butterfly feeder

9 amazing gifts for wildlife lovers - butterfly feeder
Matyas Rehak/Shutterstock

Everyone has a bird feeder, but only the true wildlife lovers out there can boast of having a butterfly feeder on their property. Treat the backyard dweller in your life to an even more diverse space with one of the many feeders out there for purchase, and then step back and watch them flutter in happiness.

Adopt an animal

9 amazing gifts for wildlife lovers - adopt an animal
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While it may not be kosher to bring a moose, sea otter, or a whooping crane into your home, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring one into a wildlife lover’s heart. The Canadian Wildlife Federation sells adoption kits that come with cute stuffed critters indicating which conservation efforts you’re helping to support.

An earth bond

9 amazing gifts for wildlife lovers - Earth bond

It may seem obvious, but sometimes it’s an obvious gift that touches the heart most. Almost all wildlife organizations out there offer memberships for gifting purposes, but a tried and true one is the World Wildlife Federation, which offers “Earth Bonds” that symbolize your donation. (Want something more concrete to gift? The organization also has an array of gifts in its online shop.)

Pond conservation

9 amazing gifts for wildlife lovers - pond conservation
Jon Kraft/Shutterstock

If a world without fish and wildlife is of immediate concern to you or a loved one, then perhaps you could consider donating the gift of pond conservation. It’s a less obvious but equally impactful gift that helps to protect the habitat of some of the world’s most important species.


9 amazing gifts for wildlife lovers - binoculars

No matter how much you like to get out there and look at nature, some animals are just entirely too hard to see close-up without a little help. That’s where a nice pair of binoculars for the bird-watcher or deer-seeker in your life comes in handy.

Mammal tracks and signs

9 amazing gifts for wildlife lovers - animal tracks
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One of the true joys of going on a nature walk is exploring and spotting all of the unique animal markings and tracks surrounding you. That is, if you know what you’re looking for. Help a wildlife lover out and gift him or her with a guidebook that they can use to brush up on all of their skills.

A responsible wildlife trip

9 amazing gifts for wildlife lovers - wildlife trip
Pawal Papis/Shutterstock

As wildlife lovers ourselves, we’d kill to go on any of these sustainable (and responsible) trips that incorporate some of the coolest animals, sights, and destinations on the planet. And really, isn’t a memorable experience the gift that keeps on giving?

We’d certainly like to think so.