Parrots are not pets

Their beautiful colours and exotic good looks have made parrots a popular pet throughout history. Unfortunately many parrots are abandoned or put up for adoption by their owners every year, leading many to parrot rehab. What is parrot rehab? Parrot rehabilitation centres can be found all around the world. They care for parrots that have … Continued

9 amazing gifts for wildlife lovers

Finding that perfect gift is a tricky confluence of knowing the recipient, figuring out a surprise element, and gifting something the person would probably never purchase for themselves. It’s a hard task, but when you actually nail it there’s no greater feeling. Of course the hardest part in all of that is finding the great … Continued

8 amazing travel adventures for wildlife lovers

We all need a vacation once in a while, whether it’s a staycation, lounging around on a beach, or booking a tour to see all of a city or country’s most popular tourist spots. Or, if you’re a wildlife lover who wants to avoid the canned vacation experience altogether, then you could break that mould … Continued

7 ways Trump’s environmental policies are affecting wildlife

It’s no secret the current U.S. president is a fan of business and looking out for the interests of the wealthy, and less of a “bleeding heart” when it comes to protecting wildlife and the environment. Those traits are undoubtedly why Donald Trump has had his government scrub words like “climate change,” and even the … Continued

9 awesome aspects of wild Namibia

Namibia’s Namib Desert is one of the oldest on the planet, arid for at least the last 55 millions years or so. During this time a rather incredible array of life has evolved to cope with the dry conditions. And a great wealth of these adapted animals and plants are endemic, meaning they’re not found … Continued

This week on Love Nature: The 'assassin of the sea' scares the heck out of us all

Imagine an animal that weighs the same as a small sachet of porridge, but can generate 1500N of force—equivalent to the resting weight of two people—in a lightning attack that’s as fast as a bullet leaving a gun. Add to this species, an arsenal of hammer-like appendages, pointed claws sharper than flick-knives, an eyesight that’s unparalleled to anything else in the animal kingdom … Continued

7 fascinating facts about sharks

Sharks have roamed our planet’s oceans for more than 400 million years. Because of their size, strength, and toothy jaws, these evolutionary marvels have earned the reputation of ruthless, bloodthirsty predators. But this narrow-minded view of sharks has threatened their future. There’s a lot more to sharks than meets the eye, and with 27 distinct … Continued

Destination spotlight: Wild Croatia

On the forested flanks of the Snježnik massif in Risnjak National Park, it’s possible—if serendipity is on your side—to spy brown bears foraging amid the trees, to spot a lonely lynx prowling across the rocks and hear wild wolves howling. You could be in a corner of Canada, but you’re not. This is slap bang … Continued

This is the first mammal to go extinct due to climate change, and you probably didn't know it existed

The image above is of the Bramble Cay melomys, or Bramble Cay mosaic-tailed rat. These rodents were once found on a tiny, remote reef island found at the northern tip of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, which they shared with shore birds and green turtles looking to lay their eggs. Very little is known about this … Continued

Happy World Sea Turtle Day! Meet the olive ridley sea turtle

As one of seven species of sea turtle, the olive ridley sea turtle is a little on the smaller side in comparison to his cousins. They get their name from the greenish colouring of their shell, which starts out grey when they’re young but grows greener with age. These turtles thrive in the tropical waters … Continued

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Tree Kangaroo: The Living Plush Toy

The Tree Kangaroo, or Boongarry, as the locals call them, looks like a monkey mixed with sloth mixed with a bear, but it’s neither sloth nor monkey nor bear. I think it’s safe to say, they’re anything but normal. While they have an appearance more akin to a monkey or sloth, the tree kangaroo is … Continued

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Five marine mothers and the incredible ways they care for their young

Underwater mothers face challenges and dangers we cannot imagine, including those posed by human activities such as pollution, habitat loss and underwater noise from shipping and development. It’s WWF Water Wednesday, when Love Nature television explores the unique characteristics, natural history, environmental challenges and threats facing waters and aquatic species in Canada and around the … Continued

Nandi the elephant learns to use her trunk

Nandi, a nearly 1-year-old African elephant, is the baby of her herd. Just like a human baby who has to learn how to walk, a young elephant has to learn how to use their trunk.

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Watch this cheetah bring down a gazelle

Cheetahs are swift hunters, but they have to work hard in order to bring down their prey. Watch Icons of The Wild: The Predators of Africa, now on the Love Nature app. Not a member? Subscribe now and get your first 30 days free!

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Anaka, a nearly 2-year-old gorilla, is one tough ape

Gorillas look big and menacing, but deep down they’re pretty shy. Young Anaka is nearly 2-years-old, and is already showing off and acting tough.

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Stargazers are more terrifying than sharks

Stargazers are the deadly ninjas of the sea: These fish spend most of their time hiding under the sandy ocean floor. To attract prey, they use a worm-shaped lure that is attached to the floor of their mouth. When a hungry fish swims by looking to nibble on that “worm”, the stargazer leaps out of … Continued

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Mother zebra knows her baby by smell alone

It can be easy to get lost in a crowd, especially when everyone has stripes. In order to avoid losing their offspring, a mother zebra will take the time to get to know their baby’s scent.

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Watch these mesmerizing jellyfish

Want to learn more about these wonderful creatures? Check out our article on The Weird and Wonderful World of Jellyfish.

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An alpha in the making

A young baboon spends some quality time with mom and pop, while he’s still got his youth.

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The tawny eagle shows no mercy in the Savannah

Young impala have a number of predators to be aware of, including the mighty tawny eagle. Watch Growing Up in the Savannah, now on the Love Nature app. Not a member? Subscribe now and get your first 30 days free!

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Going to the bathroom is a life-risking task for sloths

Sloths are arboreal and mostly never leave the comfort of the trees. However, one of the only reasons they descend from the branches is to go to the bathroom, which makes them vulnerable to predators.

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Her mother was killed by poachers, but this orangutan is getting a second chance

Cindy, an orphaned orangutan that spent her life in captivity, gets a second chance thanks to the kind-hearted people at International Animal Rescue. Here is her story.

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Watch this pack of hyenas make a kill

Hunting is no laughing matter for hyenas, or their prey. Watch Growing Up in the Savannah, now on the Love Nature app. Not a member? Subscribe now and get your first 30 days free!

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This coyote is having the time of his life with a ball he found

We know that most dogs enjoy a game of fetch from time to time, so it should only make sense for some of their wilder cousins to also have a ball playing around, right? Take this coyote for instance, who was caught on tape playing with a ball in someone’s yard. YouTube user Evnissyen uploaded … Continued

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