Love Nature & WWF International pledge support to Philippines’ Masbate community


Climate change has already hit the poorest communities in the world, and as they are often unable to adapt and recover quickly, it further deepens their hardships.

As the effects of climate change worsen, escaping poverty becomes more difficult.

The Philippines is one of the top 10 countries in the world that is most vulnerable to climate change, with the Masbate community being one of the hardest hit provinces, which has a poverty incidence of 50%.

The Masbate community is an example of what climate change looks like in reality;

– Their water supply has dwindled greatly within the last few months, and as a result many people are drinking salt water.

– The exposure to extreme weather means access to roads are often cut off, meaning a lot of families go without food for long periods of time.

– They often they have to rely on hazardous kerosene as a light source, not only is this a fire hazard but also a health and safety hazard as the fumes coming of these lamps are toxic.

This November, Love Nature in Partnership with WWF International pledge to support the Masbate community by donating $3 for every business card received at the Casbba Conference, Machau, China.

The money raised will fund a rainwater filtration system which will provide vital clean water for the community, for drinking and cooking.

Communities affected by the results of climate change, like Masbate will only get worse if nothing is done, so we hope to make a difference and provide some sort of stability and prosperity.

Visit the WWF website to learn more about how they are working to combat climate change.