Love Nature & WWF International pledge support to Philippines’ Masbate community

Climate change has already hit the poorest communities in the world, and as they are often unable to adapt and recover quickly, it further deepens their hardships. As the effects of climate change worsen, escaping poverty becomes more difficult. The Philippines is one of the top 10 countries in the world that is most vulnerable … Continued

This strange underwater contraption is revolutionising underwater filmmaking

One of Love Nature’s videographers has this week been sending back some incredible underwater shots from inside one of the strangest underwater contraptions we’ve seen so far. Great Blue Wild cameraman Kay Burn Lim was diving deep inside ‘The Explorer—a self-propelled mobile shark cage that allows camera operators to track Great White Sharks as they swim, hunt and ultimately … Continued

This fish has a unique way of protecting her young from predators

Mouthbrooding, or oral incubation, is a form of parental care in which the mother or father will carry their eggs inside of their mouth. There are all kinds of species that are mouthbrooders, but it is most commonly exhibited among fish. Either the father or mother will carry the eggs around in their mouth, and … Continued

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Nandi the elephant learns to use her trunk

Nandi, a nearly 1-year-old African elephant, is the baby of her herd. Just like a human baby who has to learn how to walk, a young elephant has to learn how to use their trunk.

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Five of Canada's wildest islands

These isolated ecosystems boast some of the country’s most diverse populations of plants and animals, including rare and endangered species. It’s WWF Water Wednesday, when Love Nature television explores the unique characteristics, natural history, environmental challenges and threats facing waters and aquatic species in Canada and around the world, hosted by WWF-Canada president and CEO … Continued

Anaka, a nearly 2-year-old gorilla, is one tough ape

Gorillas look big and menacing, but deep down they’re pretty shy. Young Anaka is nearly 2-years-old, and is already showing off and acting tough.

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Mother zebra knows her baby by smell alone

It can be easy to get lost in a crowd, especially when everyone has stripes. In order to avoid losing their offspring, a mother zebra will take the time to get to know their baby’s scent.

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An alpha in the making

A young baboon spends some quality time with mom and pop, while he’s still got his youth.

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Sexy shrimp dance on sea anemone

Find out how these sea creatures have earned the nickname “sexy shrimp”. Check out Fish Life on the Love Nature app. Don’t have the app? Subscribe now! Your first 30 days are free.

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Here's what Earth might look like in 1000 years

How will our planet change in the next 1000 years? Especially considering that climate change is taking its toll on the polar ice caps. Watch Cosmic Journeys on the Love Nature app. Not a member? Subscribe now for your first 30 days free!

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Under the lens: Peacock mantis shrimp

Kay Burn Lim is an aerial and underwater videographer currently shooting out on location in Indonesia’s Lembeh Straits for the upcoming Love Nature show ‘Strange Creatures’ Famed as having some of the best ‘muck diving’ in the world, the straits are a macro-heaven full of tiny, unusual and curious critters, perfect for this particular assignment. … Continued