Destination spotlight: A greener Kalahari desert

After previously enduring a harsh, dry heat in the Kalahari, our crews were pleasantly surprised when they returned from the Soutpansberg mountains to the desert, only to find lush green landscapes, blooming yellow devil thorn flowers and an abundance of wildlife.

Producers Barend van der Watt and Henk Ekermans had arrived just in time for the annual migration of the brown-veined white butterflies. Hundreds of these flying insects make their way from the Western Cape to Mozambique, stopping by the Kalahari to treat themselves to the yellow devil thorns that litter the desert this time of year. Speaking of insects, Watt and Ekermans noted that the moisture in the soil had brought out all the various bugs that thrive in it.

The rainy season also brings about a smorgasbord of food for the creatures of the Kalahari, especially baby birds and other young creatures. Take a look at some of Watt and Ekerman’s spectacular photography above.