Saving Zambia’s wild animals through the airwaves

‘My name is Britius Munkombwe and I’m 37 years old. I was born in Zambia and have lived here my whole life.’ ‘I have a Grade 12 level education and am currently studying for a diploma in Project Management. I have received comprehensive training in community mobilisation, community based natural resource management, human elephant conflict mitigation, and various HIV … Continued

Following the team filming the animals (Or, a Scottish adventure in the field with Love Nature)

The rain blurs the twin humps of a Bactrian camel, standing motionless at the back of its enclosure; watching our lone car trundle down a muddy road. The downpour, a product of erratic storms breaking over the nearby Cairngorm National Park, is in fact obscuring every detail of the place we’re approaching. It’s eerily quiet … Continued

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Love Nature sets up Camp Zambia, to create shows offering an intensely intimate look at the country's wildlife

Here at Love Nature we’re dedicated to documenting the vast array of life that inhabits our planet, delivering the most intimate and unique animal stories from around the globe straight to your living room. Now, with the help of UK based Plimsoll Productions, we’re setting up Camp Zambia, looking to capture even more spectacular and … Continued

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Under the lens: Peacock mantis shrimp

Kay Burn Lim is an aerial and underwater videographer currently shooting out on location in Indonesia’s Lembeh Straits for the upcoming Love Nature show ‘Strange Creatures’ Famed as having some of the best ‘muck diving’ in the world, the straits are a macro-heaven full of tiny, unusual and curious critters, perfect for this particular assignment. … Continued