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Sharks have inhabited our planet for 400 million years. Do you think they can survive the modern day?

That’s the question 21st Century Shark investigates in a brand new documentary to the Love Nature streaming app. In Zoo Juniors follow the adorable antics of black panther cubs Larisa and Sipura as they investigate the new world that’s suddenly opening up to them. Or for a more leisurely dive into the timeless ebb and flow of Nature, why not follow us on our exclusive Slow TV journey through the crystal clear waters of Belize, environmental gem of Central America.

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21st Century Shark

Although sharks have existed for thousands of millennia and survived through several mass extinctions, over the past century many of these incredible creatures are on the verge of being wiped out by mankind. Follow marine biologists attempting to raise public awareness of sharks and protect these ancient predators from becoming modern day prey.

2285896Zoo Juniors—Eps. 5

It’s a hectic day in Berlin. Black panther cubs, Larisa and Sipura examine their new outdoor enclosure and don’t like the look of sand; the nocturnal fishing cats get a rude awakening and there is a most undignified examination taking place with the red pandas.

2286089-1Zoo Juniors—Eps. 6

Every day is a new zoo baby day. In the reptile house, the latest batch of tortoise hatchlings will need to be measured and weighed. There is a rare birth in the okapi enclosure, but things are not going well. And outside, the hyena pack has two new family members.

2219215Underwater: Belize—Part 2

Nature Scenes are an immersive, ultra HD, Slow TV viewing experience—unencumbered by words—showing our world at its most beautiful. One hour of uninterrupted coral reefs and marine wildlife in Belize.

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