This incredible city is redefining how industry and animals interact

Those who were born in Linz half a century ago may remember a very different city to what visitors see today. Nestled on the banks of the River Danube, this capital of Upper Austria has been the site of a massive steel industry and chemical plants since the Second World War, making it one of the country’s most … Continued

We're cooking on the wild side this weekend with these exclusive new nature shows

How do you enjoy the world’s great wild spaces when the only resources available to you are those that Mother Nature provides? That’s the topic of Cooking in the Wild, an exclusive new show to the Love Nature streaming app. Each week instructor in survival techniques John C. invites a renowned French chef out into the wild on a quest to … Continued

Tiger shark on the hunt

Tiger sharks are known to devour just about anything they can get their jaws on. Their list of edibles include fish, jellyfish, cephalopods, mollusks, sea snakes, dolphins, sea turtles, dugongs, seals, sea birds, rays and even other sharks! They are also known to scavenge on dead whales, or attack and eat injured whales. Tiger sharks … Continued

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Meet the Ryan Gosling of the forest

The male Temminck’s Tragopan pheasant has an incredible mating display, which has earned him the title of ‘Ryan Gosling of the forest’. See this pheasant strut his stuff in the clip above. Discover more of nature’s amazing stories on the Love Nature app. Not a subscriber? Sign up now to start your 30-day free trial.

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6 hot news shows, now streaming on Love Nature

Summer has finally arrived! It’s hot, the sun is shining—you might even be able to get a decent tan, if the clouds hold off. Of course if you do find yourself too hot and flushed, us humans can always can always head off inside for a cool drink and a refreshing lie down. But not so for … Continued

Dive deep into nature with the following new shows—watchable right here, right now

Sharks have inhabited our planet for 400 million years. Do you think they can survive the modern day? That’s the question 21st Century Shark investigates in a brand new documentary to the Love Nature streaming app. In Zoo Juniors follow the adorable antics of black panther cubs Larisa and Sipura as they investigate the new world that’s suddenly … Continued

Check out these fresh documentaries streaming on Love Nature this month

Take a look at some of the brand new documentaries and nature scenes coming to the Love Nature app this month. Not subscribed to Love Nature? Sign up now to start your free 30-day trial.

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Shows for all the family—new this week on Love Nature

From brightly-plumed parrots to adorable baby beasts, onto the stunning coral reefs of Central America—we’ve got something for everyone this week, new on the Love Nature streaming app. Dive into nature like never before with the following shows. NEW THIS WEEK Twenty Masterpieces of Nature: Iguaçu The Iguaçu National Park in Brazil has the richest … Continued

Exploring the haunt of the ghost bear

Starting in the vast, roadless, volcano-pockmarked Katmai National Park and Preserve in southwest Alaska, where earthquakes happen on a daily basis and gigantic grizzlies roam around at the very apex of the food chain, the stunning new film The Search for Ghost Bears takes viewers on a jaw-dropping journey to the cloud forests of British … Continued

From sneaky snakes to skilful sparrows: These 5 new shows simply shouldn’t be missed

Nature’s ingenuity can take many forms. From the highly complex and deadly neurotoxins that reside within a snake’s fangs, to the humble sparrow’s stealthy integration into complex cityscapes—the natural world always finds a way to make the best out of any given situation. It has to, else it simply wouldn’t survive. At Love Nature, we … Continued