Inquisitive moose plays with drone

Technology’s latest flying gizmos and Mother Nature aren’t always the best of buddies. In fact, it was only last year that drones were banned from all US National Parks over their intrusive noise and safety concerns.

Yet it seems that, sometimes, UAVs aren’t as much as a nuisance as we believe them to be—at least the moose in this video doesn’t seem to think so.

The footage, captured by photographer and media teacher Kolbjørn Hoseth Larssen, shows the drone he piloted examining the animal near the Norwegian coastal town of Storkmarknes.

Rather than being peeved or scared by the sudden intrusion on its morning grazing, the moose in question in fact seems pretty curious, chasing the drone about in an inquisitive, if slightly bemused, manner.

The resulting footage is brilliant, the drone piloting obviously skilful and the moose seemingly not too put out by the encounter. So is this the newest way to observe wildlife up close and personal? Or is the drone’s eye view perhaps still a little too close for animal comfort?