Eyes in the sky: The incredible technology helping save Asia's wildlife

Drones can be an affordable and time-saving tool in wildlife conservation A few years ago, two young wildlife biologists were struggling to study Orangutan nests in the dense jungles of northern Sumatra in Indonesia—one of the most threatened rainforests on Earth. Locating the primate nests hidden high up on treetops in the dense forest was … Continued

The police raptors destroying drones

We’ve seen hawks hired to keep pigeons away from Wimbledon during the tennis, vultures tasked with finding thermals for paragliders and falcons employed by many seaside towns to scare seagulls away from chip shops, but police in the Netherlands this week started using raptors, mankind’s BFF (best feathered friends), for a whole new purpose: to … Continued

Rare albino whale takes a swim with his mum

Spotting southern right whales in Australia is pretty uncommon, but seeing an albino southern right whale is even rarer. The Department of Parks and Wildlife at the Fitzgerald River National Park in Australia managed to capture some incredibly unique drone footage of a pod of four southern right whales. What makes the footage that much more … Continued

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Inquisitive moose plays with drone

Technology’s latest flying gizmos and Mother Nature aren’t always the best of buddies. In fact, it was only last year that drones were banned from all US National Parks over their intrusive noise and safety concerns. Yet it seems that, sometimes, UAVs aren’t as much as a nuisance as we believe them to be—at least … Continued

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