This year’s funniest animal photographs have been revealed

An esteemed collection of wildlife experts, photographers and comedians recently assembled in London to answer a pressing question: which animal photo is the funniest?

Entrants of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards were challenged to depict a humorous side in animals that need protecting. Faced with a daunting number of images, the judges eventually made a decision about which creatures made them giggle the most.

One of the panel’s most recognisable names, wildlife TV presenter Kate Humble, commented, ‘Not only did we laugh a lot, we were also all reminded of the wide and wonderful variety of creatures we are lucky enough to share our planet with.’

Check out the best photos from this year’s contest below. As judge and comedian Hugh Dennis put it, ‘The finalists should be very proud of themselves, as should the animals they photographed, simply for looking so funny. Sadly there is no way of telling them.’

WINNER Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Winner: Julian Rad

Harry ran three miles before he realised he wasn’t on his wheel anymore.

Anyone asks you havent seen me!

Silver runner up: William Richardson 

Hide and seek is a lot easier when you don’t have two massive antlers poking out of your head.

What you looking at? I've almost got it...

Bronze runner up: Oli Dreike

He doesn’t give a flying banana what you think about his nose picking habit.

Dancing Sifaka

Highly commended: Alison Buttigieg

That awkward moment when you get caught dancing by yourself and have to turn your sensual arm movements into a casual wave.

GeronimoHighly commended: Charlie Davidson

‘Don’t distract me when I’m landing. You know I’m bad at landing.’

Two's Company, Three's a Crowd...

Highly commended: Graham McGeorge

The hotel room was considerably less spacious than advertised.

It's not funny.. I've got cramp in my flipper!

Highly commended: Julie Hunt

Julie’s photograph definitely got the seal of approval.

Help.....mum! Driven hippo-potty-mus.

Highly commended: Marc Mol

‘Listen guys, if you’re not going to peck the algae off my teeth I’m afraid you’ll have to leave.’

Sorry...Am I in your way?!

Highly commended: Megan Lorenz

When that annoying person in the club won’t stop drunkenly dancing by you.

Last tango

Highly commended: Tony Dilger 

‘A camera? How rude. Doesn’t he know we’re having a private moment?’

Kung Fu SquirrelHighly commended: Julian Rad

Now that they’ve learned the art of kung-fu, red squirrels are finally ready to fight back against their grey cousins.

Be Different

Highly commended: Mohammed Alnaser

The young leopard’s first attempt at hunting didn’t quite go according to plan.

Pants! Did I really do that last night...?

Highly commended: Yuzuru Mazuda

‘The image is getting clearer… yes, I can see your future now. You will take the money in your pocket and spend it on nuts and seeds. Then you will return to me. This will bring you great fortune.’