The 12 creatures of Christmas

Why is Santa’s sleigh powered by reindeer? Are partridges actually found in pear trees? And what on Earth do kangaroos have to do with the holidays? We associate a lot of animals with the festive period, but have you ever stopped to wonder why? If so, wonder no more—we’ve dug around and found out the … Continued

18 powerful GIFs of wild animals in their natural habitats

It’s one thing seeing an animal in a zoo, but an entirely different spectacle seeing the creature in its own wild environment. Indeed, the reason we find nature documentaries so alluring is the opportunity to witness an animal thriving on its own terms; living in a world that it has become perfectly attuned to thanks … Continued

Nandi the elephant learns to use her trunk

Nandi, a nearly 1-year-old African elephant, is the baby of her herd. Just like a human baby who has to learn how to walk, a young elephant has to learn how to use their trunk.

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Anaka, a nearly 2-year-old gorilla, is one tough ape

Gorillas look big and menacing, but deep down they’re pretty shy. Young Anaka is nearly 2-years-old, and is already showing off and acting tough.

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Mother zebra knows her baby by smell alone

It can be easy to get lost in a crowd, especially when everyone has stripes. In order to avoid losing their offspring, a mother zebra will take the time to get to know their baby’s scent.

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Hungry newborn falcon enjoys a meal

Falcon breeder Martin Lee looks after a newborn falcon, and feeds the hungry young bird. Watch A Hospital For The King Of The Skies, now on the Love Nature app. Not a member? Subscribe now and get your first 30 days free!

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Watch as this baby chimp drifts off to dream land

Is there anything cuter than watching a baby fall asleep? How about if that baby is a chimpanzee?

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An alpha in the making

A young baboon spends some quality time with mom and pop, while he’s still got his youth.

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The peaceful nature of the alpaca

Alpacas are very quiet and peaceful creatures, especially the young.

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Cute fix: Wild baby bunny fascinated by 11-year-old yellow Lab

While hanging out in his backyard, David Jackson and his 11-year-old yellow Lab, Meg, encountered a wild baby bunny. The bunny, which Jackson nicknamed Little John Stamos, seemed absolutely fascinated by the presence of the large dog, and fearlessly chases after Meg. In turn, Meg is equally enthusiastic to have found such a tiny playmate. … Continued

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Cute fix: Meerkat naps with kitten

This video, which was posted to YouTube by username Georocks22, features a kitten enjoying a cat nap alongside a wild meerkat. According to the video’s description, the footage was taken in Namibia, Africa.

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Cute fix: Panda does somersaults

Looking for something to brighten your day? How about this adorable video of a panda bear doing somersaults. The video (from YouTube user iPanda) was shot at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, a non profit research and breeding center for giant pandas, located in Sichuan, China.

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Researchers revive Antarctic moss piglets frozen after a three-decade long nap, and they’re really, really cute

Cryobiology, the study of biological materials that undergo moderate hypothermia to deep-freeze conditions, has long been considered a potential route to human immortality, but some microorganisms are already masters of the trick. In the spring of 2014 scientists with Japan’s National Institute of Polar Research decided to test the limits of frozen-life, resuscitating three microscopic … Continued

18 life-affirming GIFs of adorable and unlikely animal friendships

When bad stuff happens in the world, sometimes you just need to kick back and watch images of big, cuddly orang-utans playing with ridiculously cute tiger cubs. If that’s not doing it for you, a plucky labrador who’s made friends with an enormous African elephant might. Alternatively, feast your eyes on the various creatures who … Continued

Brave goat and compassionate tiger form remarkable bond

A Siberian tiger in a Russian animal park has taken on a new and rather unusual friend—one initially meant to be his dinner. Visitors to the Far Eastern Safari Park in Russia’s maritime Primorsky region have been witness to quite a spectacular, albeit odd, performance in the last few weeks. Twice each week the Park’s … Continued

This year’s funniest animal photographs have been revealed

An esteemed collection of wildlife experts, photographers and comedians recently assembled in London to answer a pressing question: which animal photo is the funniest? Entrants of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards were challenged to depict a humorous side in animals that need protecting. Faced with a daunting number of images, the judges eventually made a … Continued

The African Penguin is Batman’s Cutest Villain

The unusual call of the African penguin has earned it a very unfortunate nickname.

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This baby orangutan is a real mama's boy

Orangutans are primarily solitary creatures, except for the first 2 years of life when they’re completely dependent on their mothers. The first 4 months are spent literally glued to mom, never leaving her side. Once the ape starts developing climbing skills, at about the age of 2, distance starts to grow between mother and infant. … Continued

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This little koala is the most adorable hugger on the internet

We all have those moments where the only thing that’ll make the world a better place is a good hearty hug, and this little marsupial is no exception. The baby koala, named Imogen, is seen exploring her new home in a koala sanctuary for the first time. Then all of a sudden—perhaps made nervous by … Continued

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#Cuteoff crowns the cutest animal on Twitter, for now

On an average day, the Internet is a variable smorgasbord of animal cuties, but earlier this month, an even higher number of adorable baby birds, itty-bitty reptiles and comically posed amphibians flooded Twitter, thanks to a worldwide hashtag battle. Cheetah researcher Anne Hilborn, a doctoral student at Virginia Tech, is cited as the genius behind … Continued

20 extremely cute rabbits from around the web

Happy International Rabbit Day! This bizarre but brilliant occasion is a chance to celebrate the lovable long-eared fluff-balls that bring joy to so many people. It’s also an opportunity to think about how we can protect rabbits from the many ways they’re harmed. This includes hunting, medical experimentation, product testing and fur farming. So as … Continued