20 extremely cute rabbits from around the web

Happy International Rabbit Day! This bizarre but brilliant occasion is a chance to celebrate the lovable long-eared fluff-balls that bring joy to so many people.

It’s also an opportunity to think about how we can protect rabbits from the many ways they’re harmed. This includes hunting, medical experimentation, product testing and fur farming.

So as a reminder of how awesome and worthy of our love these bouncy pets are, we’ve rounded up some of the most adorable GIFs, photos and videos we could find of bunnies being cute. Enjoy!

Let’s kick things off with this happy cottontail rabbit wildly waving his paws while enjoying a refreshing drink of milk.

Of course, every rabbit knows that to REALLY enjoy milk, cookies are essential.


To keep living the rabbit high life, you should probably follow up that cookie with a darn tasty raspberry…


…but maybe go easy on the berries if you don’t want to look like a psycho killer bunny.

rabbit banana

Banana? Sure, why not.


All that food has got this rabbit into a rolly polly pickle. Time for some exercise.


Crufts for bunnies?! Why haven’t we heard of this before?


Great jumping, rabbits. You deserve lots of petting.

Or just sit in some paper cups and twitch your noses. That’s also very cute.


Other animals, like this dog, are aware that befriending a bunny comes with many adorable benefits.


Even the internet’s favourite animal knows how great rabbits can be.


(Alright cats, don’t push your luck.)


Hamsters, on the other hand, are sneaky little carrot thieves.

If you’re not satisfied with the insane levels of cuteness you’ve seen so far, why not visit Rabbit Island in Japan and roll around with hundreds of rabbits like this guy did?


You could also buy your rabbit some bunny-shaped slippers to maximise its adorableness.


Alternatively, find a rabbit with feet so fluffy that he’s basically wearing slippers all the time.


This bunny in a bunny-sized office is cuteness personified. Just don’t expect him to get much work done.

Phew. All this cuteness is getting exhausting.

Rabbits might not hibernate, but they do love a good snooze.

Definitely nap time for these little ones. We’d better leave them to it. Have a hopping brilliant International Rabbit Day!

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