18 life-affirming GIFs of adorable and unlikely animal friendships

When bad stuff happens in the world, sometimes you just need to kick back and watch images of big, cuddly orang-utans playing with ridiculously cute tiger cubs.

If that’s not doing it for you, a plucky labrador who’s made friends with an enormous African elephant might. Alternatively, feast your eyes on the various creatures who have made it their mission to ride on the backs of tortoises.

If you haven’t sussed it out yet, we’re suggesting that you keep scrolling and enjoy some of the internet’s best GIFs of animals being friends. Because if these guys can all get along, perhaps there’s still hope for us humans.

This great big gorilla knows that there aren’t many problems a cute kitten can’t fix



This caring spaniel is incredibly dedicated to his role as a sheepdog



This wolf cub and bear cub are having an awesome time being top predators together



This helpful piglet is showing a disabled sheep around the farm



This deer and dog prove you don’t have to be the same species to enjoy a cuddle



This bird has invented the sport of tortoise riding


This hyrax has perfected it



And this baby sea lion is working on an aquatic version



This sheep and baby rhino are about to have the best time running around the field together



This cat and dolphin are having a friendly discussion about who enjoys eating fish the most



This lion cub and his meerkat buddies are too sleepy to sing Hakuna Matata for you



This labrador puppy and cheetah cub just realised that dogs and cats are totally compatible



These nap buddies knew it all along


And this heartwarming scene shows that enormous dog plus tiny cat equals extra cuteness



These two intelligent mammals have discovered a mutual love of chillaxing



This elephant and sheep have teamed up to excavate their genetic link, the woolly mammoth



This tiger and bear plan on being bros for life



And finally, this orang-utan has just been hired for the best babysitting job in the world