19 incredible animal tattoos that make us want to get inked

To ink or not to ink… that is the question. While some people swear by artistic tattoos, sleeves and yes, even lower-back bullseyes, getting a tattoo isn’t necessarily for everyone. But that doesn’t mean we can’t all appreciate a beautiful piece of body art when we see one. Well we’ve scoured the web and we … Continued

Grizzly Bears: Behemoths of the North

Grizzly bears are a confusing, awe inspiring species that plug their butts during hibernation. You asked for it.

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10 facts you may not know about pigeons

Whether you consider them flying pests or lovely birds, pigeons are highly intelligent creatures. So intelligent, in fact, they were considered for part of a military program in which they would operate and guide missiles. Check the video above for more fun pigeon facts! For more fun animal facts, check out Animalogic on YouTube.

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Illustrator creates beautiful images of nature's families for his newborn daughter

What would you draw if your child had just been born? For Newcastle-based illustrator Michael Sutton it was a beautiful array of different animal families. The designer, who currently works at Sumo, explained: ‘I’m a big lover of nature and I originally created those illustrations for my daughter. She had just been born and I really wanted to create a series of illustrations … Continued

18 life-affirming GIFs of adorable and unlikely animal friendships

When bad stuff happens in the world, sometimes you just need to kick back and watch images of big, cuddly orang-utans playing with ridiculously cute tiger cubs. If that’s not doing it for you, a plucky labrador who’s made friends with an enormous African elephant might. Alternatively, feast your eyes on the various creatures who … Continued

The many different industries animals can get a job in

Are you a non-human animal looking to break out of a humdrum routine of survival and reproduction? Good news: many employers are recruiting candidates just like you. Scroll through (if your appendages allow) and find your dream job. Landscaping If you’re a goat who’s hungry for a opportunity, a juicy position in lawn care might … Continued