Jane Goodall on life, legacy and why dirt-lovin’ youngsters are our best chance to save the world

When Dr Jane Goodall arrives for our interview at the Chelsea Hotel in downtown Toronto, she’s only moments off the phone talking about November’s United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris. It’s there that Dr Goodall will join the world’s most prominent environmental activists and experts, scientists and politicians, all of which have one objective … Continued

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Animals that go to War

With our unparalleled ability to plan, organise, and wield weaponry, it seems like humans are uniquely gifted in the art of war. However, there’s nothing on our battlefields that Mother Nature didn’t think of first. From insect suicide bombers to violent monkey revolutionaries, our non-human counterparts can sometimes be every bit as strategic, coordinated, and … Continued

Bereaved behaviour: Animals that mourn their loved ones

Historically, science has radically underestimated animal intelligence and emotions. Just a few decades ago we considered animals to have vastly different brains to our own, lacking moment-to-moment consciousness, emotions and foresight, but modern science has shown this is simply not the case. In 2012 leading scientists published the ‘Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness in Non-Human Animals’, … Continued

We tackle the age-old question: Do animals experience consciousness?

Cogito ergo sum. ‘I think, therefore I am.’ Descartes’ famous statement from 1637 was possibly one of the first attempts at philosophically determining what consciousness is exactly. He believed that just the capability of thought proved consciousness is there. But what is consciousness, really? We know it’s there—we live it every day. It’s that intangible … Continued

7 amazing facts about gorillas that you probably didn’t know

Next to chimpanzees and bonobos, gorillas are the closest living relatives to humans. They share at least 95% of their DNA with us, and our two species derive from the same common ancestor. Despite this, gorilla populations have been sadly neglected by humans. Habitat loss due to increasing human populations and poaching for the bushmeat … Continued

These everyday animals all have shockingly naughty habits

It’s hard to look at a cow in the same way once you know how much these farm animals fart. Likewise, red foxes don’t seem quite as cute after you’ve heard their chilling human-like screams, and you might not want to feed the ducks after you discover their disturbing gang rape tendencies. A number of … Continued

We're pretty excited to be bringing you these new documentaries

What’s your favourite animal? That’s such a tough question right? There are so many incredible species right of fauna right across the planet, the task of choosing just one above all the others seem downright difficult, if not impossible. However if we were really, really forced to pick, you’d probability find chimpanzees—our closest cousins—somewhere towards the top of … Continued

Watch as this baby chimp drifts off to dream land

Is there anything cuter than watching a baby fall asleep? How about if that baby is a chimpanzee?

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Church of the chimp: Primates seen performing rituals and building shrines

Wildlife researchers have witnessed and filmed startling habitual behaviour being exhibited by wild chimpanzees that suggests the animals are treating certain trees as ‘sacred’, in a similar way to early humans. In rituals first noted in the Republic of Guinea, chimps were seen throwing rocks at a particular tree. In itself, this might seem unremarkable, … Continued

'Save the forests, save the planet'—advocates' collective message to UN Climate Summit

Over 30 forest advocates from the upper-echelons of conservation, charity, diplomacy, politics and business recently came together to voice a collective message for country leaders, gathered this week in Paris for the COP21 UN Climate Summit. Titled ‘STOP THE BURNING‘, the film takes less than nine minutes to outline the harrowing facts surrounding global deforestation and the devastating impact Slash … Continued

American NIH to cease chimpanzee research

Chimps are incredibly like us humans—a connection that has cost the species big time. At one point there were thousands of chimps being used globally as human-replacements in research studies, though today most of these animals are long retired. But according to the American group PETA, 900 or more chimps are still held in labs … Continued

Kenya denies sanctuary to chimps from Ebola-hit Liberia

Two young chimpanzees from Ebola-hit Liberia have been denied sanctuary at a Kenyan wildlife reserve, despite the fact that they have shown no signs of infection with the deadly virus. The two-year-old female chimps, Sweet Pea and Guey, were rescued from animal traffickers by conservation group, the Project to End Great Ape Slavery (PEGAS), in … Continued

Mirror test: Wild jungle animals fascinated by their own reflection

A massive silverback gorilla hurls itself at a mirror left in the middle of the Gabon jungle, perhaps judging his own reflection to be a challenging opponent. Meanwhile elsewhere, chimpanzees stretch, scratch and groom themselves in front of another mirrored glass, lining up around it in an orderly fashion as if waiting for a performance … Continued

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