Did you know that Horseshoe Crab blood is valuable to humans?

American Horseshoe crabs, or Limulus polyphemus, are a species older than the dinosaurs. Reaching up to 60cm in length, with big helmet-like shells and spikey tails, they look like aliens. Did you know their blood is highly valuable to humans? Horseshoe crab blood is worth approximately $60,000 a gallon. What are Horseshoe Crabs? American horseshoe … Continued

The Angora Rabbits were selectively bred for the fashion industry

The impossibly fluffy Angora Rabbit is bred for its soft wool and was once a popular pet of royalty. These fur balls are a result of hundreds of years of selective breeding. Although they are still bred for their wool today, these adorable creatures are also popular pets and prize winning show bunnies. Where did … Continued

Did you know that dolphins have names?

Humans have known for a long time that dolphins are intelligent animals. They are among a handful of animals that recognize themselves in a mirror. They play, they show off for boats. They even have a sweet move called the “spy hop” in which they lift their bodies vertically out of water to have a … Continued

The North Pole was once home to crocodiles

In December 1908, explorer Ernest Shackleton was shocked to discover evidence of palm trees frozen in the glacial ice of Antarctica. Baffled scientists explained this unlikely finding through the theory of continental drift, but something didn’t add up. The fossilized wood that Shackleton discovered dated only 250 years ago. By that time the continents were … Continued