Lion cub gets stuck in a tree

As it goes with tree climbing, getting down is the hardest part. This lion cub found that out the hard way.

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The secret to a succesful lion hunt

When it comes to the hunt, lionesses are the ones doing all the work while the male stays behind and looks after the cubs. Lionesses coordinate in a group to bring down prey, which are usually medium-sized mammals like zebras, wildebeests, buffalo and even warthogs. Surprisingly, lions are not well-known for their stamina and can … Continued

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Long live the king: Steps to curtail trophy hunting after Cecil’s death won't yet save Africa’s lions

While legions of people right across the world were outraged by the slaughter of Cecil the lion at the hands of dentist Walter Palmer in July 2015, many also hoped that the international attention would translate into positive change and a brighter future for Africa’s imperilled lions. In the wake of ‘Cecil-gate’, the US and … Continued

The definitive big cat cookbook for taking down the perfect prey

Big cats are one of our planets most successful groups of predators which have existed in one form or another (Felidae) for 25 million years. Today they are found on every continent except Antarctica, living in environments ranging from dry deserts and freezing tundra to tropical rainforests and lush grasslands. The tiger, lion, jaguar, leopard, … Continued

We ain’t lion, this big cat’s breathtaking bouffant has become an internet sensation

This is Leon the Lion, and he’s obviously one cat that takes great pride in his appearance. With a perfectly coiffured mane of lusciously thick golden locks, it’s obvious why this Congolese lion has stood head and shoulders above all the other animals at Ústí nad Labem Zoo in the Czech Republic since 2005. The … Continued