We asked some Neuroparasitologists about the tiny critters that turn animals into zombies

Mindless, wandering creatures whose only remaining purpose in life is to serve their parasitic hosts. No, not the terrifying subject of a new George A. Romero flick, but a genuine natural occurrence caused by fiendish little organisms that have evolved brain-controlling abilities in order to survive. Neuroparasitology is the scientific study of parasites that control … Continued

Drunken Monkeys! Booze-loving primates proven to seek out high-alcohol nectar

Some primates actively seek out the booziest treats they can find, and tolerance to alcohol may even have given a few species an evolutionary edge over their lightweight cousins, according to a new study. In tests conducted by researchers at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, aye-ayes, a little loopy looking lemur species from Madagascar, … Continued

Back from the brink: the Mauritius kestrel

In the land of the dodo, endangered endemic species such as the Mauritian kestrel are pulling out of a dramatic death dive to star in an extraordinary story of last-gasp survival. Wander into any gift shop on Mauritius, a verdant green droplet on the vast blue canvas of the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar, and … Continued

Deadly toxic toads invade Madagascar

Madagascar is being invaded by a species of toxic toad that’s placing the African island’s unique native fauna in massive danger, also posing a significant threat to human health and even the nation’s economy, a new scientific study has revealed. The Asian toad (Duttaphrynus melanostictus), also known as the the Javanese, black-spectacled or black-spined toad, is … Continued

This little lemur loves to leap

Jocelyn, a baby ring-tailed lemur, has a lot of energy and loves bouncing around her exhibit at the Saint Louis Zoo.

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Lemurs in Kent just got a pretty nifty gift from Sony  

The Port Lympne Reserve’s langurs and lemurs are ringing in the New Year like many of us—binging on nature documentaries. As part of the reserve’s ‘Back to the Wild’ project, aiming to return animals born in parks across Europe to their native homes, the primate staff have installed brand-spanking new and state of the art … Continued

YEAR IN REVIEW: A comprehensive look at all the wild things that happened in 2015

As we begin the countdown for the New Year and prepare to bid adieu to 2015, the hottest year ever recorded on Earth, Patrick Kinsella looks back on the discoveries, developments, disasters and decisions that defined the last 12 months, and finds plenty to both cheer and jeer about in the convoluted plot of the … Continued

Gardeners of the forest

Have you ever seen anyone digging with their gardening shovel in the forest or a preparing a seedling germination tray in the woods? Who then plants the teeming and endless variety of vegetation? Forests have their own expert gardeners who carry and spread seeds far and wide, keeping it alive and growing. In fact, 95 … Continued