The Polar Bears Among Us

Living with the greatest predator in the world is dangerous business.

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Polar Bear: The King in the North

Polar Bears are Arctic apex predators that make home to one of the most inhospitable habitats on the planet.

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Are polar bears endangered or not?

The WWF labels polar bears as vulnerable, so why is the word on the street this year that polar bears are doing just fine? A 2017 video of a starving polar bear went viral. The emaciated bear dragged itself slowly, nibbling on a discarded seat from a snowmobile. People everywhere were up in arms. But … Continued

Celebrate International Polar Bear Day

Polar bears are in trouble: the cold, Arctic environment they are used to is quickly vanishing due to climate change. Rising carbon emissions have contributed to global warming, causing sea ice to melt. Polar bears rely on sea ice for hunting, and without it their range and ultimately their population will disappear. But hope is … Continued

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Thin polar bear smashes diving record

Polar bears are going to new lengths just to make ends meet, by swimming longer, walking further and now, diving longer. Polar bears are facing unprecedented habitat loss due to climate change, but a recent study in Polar Biology concludes this hasn’t dampened the bear’s efforts to endure, detailing the longest-ever polar bear dive. Coming in at 3 … Continued