Poachers could soon face the death penalty in Kenya

It’s no secret the illegal pet trade and poaching is a huge problem in Asia and Africa, but perhaps some countries are a little more serious about solving the issue than others. Or at least that’s one takeaway from the news that Kenya is hoping to soon implement the death penalty for those who poach … Continued

7 little-known facts about Africa’s super seven

Africa is one of the most popular game-viewing destinations on the planet. The continent’s most famous animals were originally sought after by hunters but now it is predominantly tourists who hope to catch a glimpse of these iconic species. This week we’re airing the documentary Africa’s Super Seven on the Love Nature streaming app, so we … Continued

Rhinos are Unicorns, but their Horns aren’t Magic

A 100 years ago there were 500,000 rhinoceroses in the world, by 1970 there were 70,000, today there is 29,000. To save them, we’re trying everything from rhino-horn-poison to rhino-defense-rangers to airlifting the rhinos to safer locations. The rhinoceros is an incredible creature. With such a fierce frame and sharp horn, you would think that … Continued

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Rhinos to be airlifted to Australia in a desperate bid to save the species

If one man’s mission is successful, Australia is set to see an influx of refugees whose lives are in grave peril in their African homeland. The group is escaping conditions that would be described as genocidal if they were human. But they’re not. They’re rhinos. And according to expat South African Ray Dearlove, they and … Continued

Cute fix: Baby rhino enjoys bath time

Meet the Toronto Zoo‘s male Indian rhinoceros. He was born to mother Ashakiran on Wednesday, February 17th. At only 5-weeks-old, this young rhino already weighs over 200 lbs! Zoo staff have noted that he’s beginning to show some independence, wandering further from his mother’s side to explore and interact with his keepers. One thing this … Continued

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Playtime! Watch these orphaned baby rhinos frolic about with a completely new lease on life

Sadly, like too many baby rhinos these days, PJ and Monty have experienced much more trauma then they ever should have. But thankfully, through the tireless efforts of a few kind-hearted helpers, these two cheeky little fellas finally have a chance to once again do what all youngsters do best: play! PJ lost his mother … Continued

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It's #WorldRhinoDay! Let's raise awareness about these majestic animals

It’s World Rhino Day today, and people right across the planet are joining together to celebrate all five species of rhino—Black, white, greater one-horned, Sumatran and Javan—as well as raise awareness about the continued and desperate need to protect these majestic animals. First announced by WWF-South Africa in 2010, the international day of celebration has since grown … Continued

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The rhino who survived against all odds

A rhino in South Africa gets a second chance at life thanks to some clever veterinarians, and a dead elephant. Back in May, orn pope the Black rhino went through something too traumatic for most of us to imagine. Poachers snuck into her home in South Africa’s Lombardi Game Farm, stuck her with a sedation … Continued

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Orphaned baby rhino gets happiest ending possible

The surge in ivory poaching is seriously hurting South Africa’s rhino population, but one baby rhino left motherless by hunters goes against the odds. Remember seeing pictures of a poor little orphaned baby rhino, snuggling up to a passing vehicle it mistook for a potential mum? Good news—things are definitely looking up for little the little … Continued