Rhinos are Unicorns, but their Horns aren’t Magic

A 100 years ago there were 500,000 rhinoceroses in the world, by 1970 there were 70,000, today there is 29,000. To save them, we’re trying everything from rhino-horn-poison to rhino-defense-rangers to airlifting the rhinos to safer locations.

The rhinoceros is an incredible creature. With such a fierce frame and sharp horn, you would think that the rhino would cause terror and destruction in its wake. In reality, its just a big ol’ softie, and would rather spend its time grazing than chasing down prey to maul with its giant horn. Even if a rhino does charge at someone or something, it is usually just to scare it off, not to kill it. Plus, they’re herbivores, so only plants really need to fear these massive beasts.

Being so big and intimidating has led to a lack of natural predators for the rhinoceros… except for one: humans. Rhino populations are dramatically dropping every year due to poaching and the illegal horn trade. However, there are a number of conservation groups looking to put a stop to this, and save the world’s population of rhinos from disappearing. Learn all about it in the video above!