Meet the 'aggressive' elephant saved from a life in chains, with a bit of help from Cher

An Asian elephant that has spent almost its entire existence chained to a concrete cage at a zoo in Pakistan will be sent to a sanctuary after a global campaign started by a tourist and championed by the singer Cher finally forced the issue to a head. Kaavan, a 32-year-old male elephant, has been living … Continued

Is this the world's saddest polar bear?

Heartbreaking footage of a polar bear being kept in bleak and lonely captivity in a Chinese shopping mall, purely so passersby can peer in and take selfies with it, has been released by the activist group Animals Asia, who are calling for people to sign a petition demanding the ‘facility’ be shut down. ‘Trapped in … Continued

Escaped lynx on the loose around Dartmoor could be caught by a recording of his mum

A lynx that escaped from Dartmoor Zoo on Thursday is still on the loose in rural Devon, and searchers are planning to use a recorded call of its mother to try and lure the wild cat out of hiding. The two-year-old cat, called Flaviu, is a Eurasian lynx. He arrived at Dartmoor on Wednesday, after being … Continued

Satisfy your natural curiosity with these awesome new documentaries

No doubt at some point in your life you’ll have been sitting outdoors when you noticed a long line of ants, slowly marching their way across the earthy ground. Where are they going? What are they doing? How do they know where they’re going? Well to satisfy that innate curiosity about these fascinating formicidaes, we’ve got a new … Continued

Public fury over gorilla killed at Cincinnati Zoo

The fatal shooting of a gorilla at Cincinnati Zoo last week, after a young boy fell into its enclosure, has triggered a storm of controversy. The zoo has been loudly condemned by vocal local and online communities, angered at what they see as an over reaction, and hundreds of thousands of people from all around … Continued

The puzzling case of what to do with 'T24', India's man-eating tiger

The case of India’s Ranthambore Tiger #24, aka Ustad—transferred from his jungle-bound reserve home to a zoo after killing four humans—has recieved a lot of attention from the media, general public, and activists. But according to those who actually work on the front lines of conservation in the country, this decision is one based on careful … Continued

Zoo animals enjoy their yearly dose of pumpkin-fun

Zoos are always trying to come up with new ways to enrich their animals’ lives, and entertain audiences in the process if possible. That’s why many have taken on the tradition of offering their inhabitants autumn pumpkins—be them bears, birds or snakes. Though not every animal that gets the veg may be eager to dig in … Continued

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We ain’t lion, this big cat’s breathtaking bouffant has become an internet sensation

This is Leon the Lion, and he’s obviously one cat that takes great pride in his appearance. With a perfectly coiffured mane of lusciously thick golden locks, it’s obvious why this Congolese lion has stood head and shoulders above all the other animals at Ústí nad Labem Zoo in the Czech Republic since 2005. The … Continued

Animals' art hits the auction block

Zoo animals pick up paintbrushes to help out their counterparts in the wild. Care for a piece of modern art passionately painted by a 34 year-old elephant? How about a meerkat group piece, or the slithery impressionist work of a 17-year old Ball python? If any of these items strike your fancy, and you’d like … Continued