Life with latitude: The great puzzle of biogeography

Mention the tropics and you’ll likely imagine vast rainforests teeming with wildlife. With over 300 species of tree per hectare in Panama (there’s less than half of that in the whole of Canada!) and more than 1800 species of birds in Colombia, it’s clear the tropics are bursting at the seams with plant and animal … Continued

Behold the beauty of the Northern Lights

Need a moment to reflect and escape the day-to-day doldrums? Drift off and leave your troubles behind with this incredible video of the Aurora Borealis. It is truly mesmerizing!

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Celebrate International Polar Bear Day

Polar bears are in trouble: the cold, Arctic environment they are used to is quickly vanishing due to climate change. Rising carbon emissions have contributed to global warming, causing sea ice to melt. Polar bears rely on sea ice for hunting, and without it their range and ultimately their population will disappear. But hope is … Continued

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The magical footage of 2000 beluga whales playing together that simply needs to be watched

Spots of bright white fleck an otherwise calm and turquoise sea in Canada’s far north. They are beluga whales—over 2000 of them—caught on camera frolicking about in Cunningham Inlet last summer, the edited footage recently published online. Arctic adventure tour guide Nansen Weber captured the footage whilst on a mission to film the beauty of the … Continued

The muskox's secret to surviving the Arctic cold

Harsh cold and hungry predators are just a few dangers that threaten the muskox’s survival. However, thanks to its thick coat and long horns, this big goat is able to tackle these challenges head on.

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Thin polar bear smashes diving record

Polar bears are going to new lengths just to make ends meet, by swimming longer, walking further and now, diving longer. Polar bears are facing unprecedented habitat loss due to climate change, but a recent study in Polar Biology concludes this hasn’t dampened the bear’s efforts to endure, detailing the longest-ever polar bear dive. Coming in at 3 … Continued