Explore 10 awe-inspiring features of Iceland’s volcanic landscape

A place where some of Europe’s biggest glaciers meet the continent’s hottest volcanic springs, Iceland is often known as the Land of Fire and Ice. This island of extremes was formed about 25 million years ago, making it one of the youngest landmasses on the planet. But as a hotbed of geological activity, the volcanic … Continued

The magical footage of 2000 beluga whales playing together that simply needs to be watched

Spots of bright white fleck an otherwise calm and turquoise sea in Canada’s far north. They are beluga whales—over 2000 of them—caught on camera frolicking about in Cunningham Inlet last summer, the edited footage recently published online. Arctic adventure tour guide Nansen Weber captured the footage whilst on a mission to film the beauty of the … Continued

Rare albino whale takes a swim with his mum

Spotting southern right whales in Australia is pretty uncommon, but seeing an albino southern right whale is even rarer. The Department of Parks and Wildlife at the Fitzgerald River National Park in Australia managed to capture some incredibly unique drone footage of a pod of four southern right whales. What makes the footage that much more … Continued

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What happens when a swan meets a weasel?

A dramatic encounter between a young weasel and a curious swan has been captured on camera by an amateur photographer at a nature reserve in Scotland. RSPB volunteer Billy Blair snapped the unlikely duo as they came face-to-face in front of a crowd of astounded onlookers at the wildlife charity’s Lochwinnoch reserve in Scotland’s west … Continued