Octopus wrestling: the lost (and ancient) sport

We’ve heard of some weird sports in our time, from egg throwing and cheese rolling to bog snorkelling and outhouse racing. But in our minds, one of the weirdest (not to mention most unethical) sports that ever existed has got to be octopus wrestling. The activity is obviously no longer in existence or socially acceptable, … Continued

Scientists got octopuses high with some pretty amazing results

The brain is an amazing thing, especially when you stop to think about how it dictates our social behaviours. Neurologists are proving that once again with one of the most random, potentially controversial studies we’ve heard of in a while—one in which they gave octopuses ecstasy to see how it affects their behaviour towards one … Continued

The definitive directory of dominant females

Males are typically thought of as the stronger sex, the provider and the protector, yet this is a view that is changing. For humans, the lack of female world leaders and inequality in certain aspects of life leads many to believe it very much remains a man’s world, at least for now. But for a … Continued

Octopus makes a new home from a discarded flip-flop

You’ve got to admire the octopus: Not only are they incredibly intelligent and able to squeeze into tight places, but they’re also really resourceful. You may have seen our previous video about the Coconut Octopus, a cephalopod known for collecting seashells and coconut husks to create shelter. As you can see from The Jetlagged’s video … Continued

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Find out just how skilled of a hunter the octopus is

Lacking any particular hard body parts, except for the beak, makes it very easy for the octopus to get in and out of tight spaces. This means the creature is able to snatch prey from even the tightest of quarters. See how masterful these cephalopods are at squeezing into small areas in the clip above. … Continued

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Meet the coconut octopus

As far as traveling companions go, you may want to consider this cephalopod. For one thing, you would never have to take shelter in a hostel or have to drop a lot of money for a hotel room, as the coconut octopus carries his home with him wherever he goes. It will gather up coconut … Continued

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Octopuses are the World’s Greatest Escape Artists (Ft. PhilosophyTube)

When it comes to blending into their surroundings, the octopus has all other animals beat. In just under one second, an octopus can completely change the color of its skin to match the environment around it. They can also change the texture of their skin to create bumps and grooves as needed. This helps the … Continued

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Inky the octopus pulls off great escape from NZ aquarium

In scenes that could have been lifted straight from Finding Nemo, an ingenious octopus has pulled off a daring escape from New Zealand’s National Aquarium. Inky, a rugby ball–sized octopus, managed to bust out of his tank under the cloak of darkness, before legging it across the floor, clambering down a 50-metre drainpipe and disappearing … Continued

Female octopus makes fatal sacrifice

Mating is a dangerous exercise for the female octopus. Check out Fish Life on the Love Nature app. Don’t have the app? Subscribe now! Your first 30 days are free.

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Octopus steals GoPro (whilst it's still filming)

Eight arms are better than two, as this wild octopus illustrates when it grasps an innocent diver’s video camera and takes off while it’s still shooting footage. After a frenzied underwater chase the camera is eventually retrieved, but the sticky-fingered cephalopod doesn’t seem phased, wrapping itself around a speargun instead and allowing the diver to … Continued

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