Octopus makes a new home from a discarded flip-flop

You’ve got to admire the octopus: Not only are they incredibly intelligent and able to squeeze into tight places, but they’re also really resourceful. You may have seen our previous video about the Coconut Octopus, a cephalopod known for collecting seashells and coconut husks to create shelter. As you can see from The Jetlagged’s video above, they can take refuge using just about any old thing, including a discarded flip-flop.

As the Mother Nature Network alluded to in their post about this video, such a sight should also serve as a reminder to our own wasteful habits, both above and below the ocean. We imagine someone may have simply lost this flip-flop (or even the spoon, which the octopus considers for use as a home before reaching for the footwear), but we should all remember to take extra care and be mindful of the environment when disposing of trash.