How can we reconnect children with the natural world?

Not so very long ago, roaming through the woods, climbing trees, building dens and generally having a wild time would have been considered part and parcel of a normal, healthy childhood. But within a matter of decades, the wild child has become a critically endangered species. These days, just one in 10 children ever play in … Continued

Come party with Love Nature this September!

The Good Life Experience is making a spectacular return for the third year running this September—one of many great festivals in North Wales showcasing a deep connection with the wilderness areas of the UK. And the best bit: we’ll be there too—spreading the good word about loving nature! Taking place at Hawarden Estate on September 16—18 … Continued

We're pretty sure we've found the world's cutest animal babies

It’s no surprise that you enjoy watching videos of baby kittens, tiny piglets or a sleepy newborn chipmunk. That instinct that makes you go Squeeee is actually the product of millions of years of evolution. Our empathy towards baby animals is part of a process that makes us better parents towards our own offspring—we look … Continued

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Why we're singing the praises of the humble frog

To be a frog A frog hops past, breath coming fast. Heart running thick, beats coming quick— under the little thing’s skin, all coloured and thin, absorbing water galore, respiring for the frog and much, much more. Some of the animals are the brightest green you ever did seen, but it may surprise you to … Continued

8 animal-rescue documentaries to renew your faith in humankind

We’ve all seen the videos; heard the heartwarming stories. An animal is in distress—it’s scared, alone, potentially injured, when all of a sudden a human or two comes along to help. Through the hard work of a few determined individuals, the creature is rescued, rehabilitated, and—all good things willing—soon released back into the wild. Sometimes these rescue … Continued

What's a swimming down in the deep ocean?

Have you ever experienced that moment where you’re playing in the ocean and go to stand up, only to find the seafloor has completely dropped away from you? What lies in the deeper depths of the world’s waters has always held an immense fascination for humankind, going back as far as the 4th century BC where—as … Continued

Editor's pick: 4 amazing documentaries on nature tech

How and why are you reading these words right now? Chances are it’s because you’ve been brought to this webpage through hardware and computer algorithms that are today part and parcel of modern life. But what you might not know is that these extremely advanced technologies are in no small part inspired by solutions lifted … Continued