Love Nature & WWF International pledge support to Philippines’ Masbate community

Climate change has already hit the poorest communities in the world, and as they are often unable to adapt and recover quickly, it further deepens their hardships. As the effects of climate change worsen, escaping poverty becomes more difficult. The Philippines is one of the top 10 countries in the world that is most vulnerable … Continued

Alien-like ambush predator encountered on the flanks of an underwater mountain in the world's deepest ocean

Marine scientists using a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to dive into and explore the deepest darkest reaches of the planet’s oceans have just had an encounter with a distinctly alien-esque species of jellyfish. The fantastic creature was spotted by researchers from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), as they combed the face of the … Continued

Solo human adventurer spreads her wings and prepares to follow the Flight of the Swans

In highly unique expedition, an audacious adventurer is attempting a world first journey of discovery to draw attention to the desperate plight of a threatened species of swan—by flying the full route of the birds’ perilous migration path using only a paramotor—and her efforts have attracted the support of an enthusiastic flock of famous naturalists, … Continued

Wanted: volunteers to study penguins in Antarctica

Yesterday saw the launch of a new phase of Oxford University’s PenguinWatch, an ambitious project that began in 2014 and is aimed at recording the fortunes and monitoring the activities of Antarctica’s penguin colonies. However, for ‘PenguinWatch 2.0‘ to work properly, the British scientists need your help. By collaborating with a penguin census that has … Continued

Ash apocalypse on near horizon

Ash, the second most common tree in Britain, is likely to be completely wiped out right across Europe, according to research just published in Journal of Ecology. The beautiful tree is under twin attack from a disease called ash-dieback, and by an invasive and highly destructive beetle known as the emerald ash borer. As a … Continued

Plucky Pacific micronation punches shark poachers where it hurts most—Their ships

In midst of the world’s largest ocean, a desperate sea battle is being fought, with pirates, poachers and illegal fishing ships on one side, and on the other, Palau, a remote nation of 250 islands scattered like gorgeous green marbles across the great blue blanket of the western Pacific. And the action has recently become superheated, … Continued

Spatial Awareness—5 years of cosmic exploration and revelation

As a new joint Euro-Russian space mission blasts off on a mission to Mars, to discover whether the planet’s methane is being produced by windy alien microorganisms living just below the red crust, we take a trip through the last five brain-blowing years of space exploration. Over the last half-decade, our understanding of the cosmos … Continued

Gorillas sing for their supper

Gorillas hum and sing little tunes while eating certain foods, using a form of vocalisation that is completely distinct from the noises they make when engaged in any other activity, a new study has revealed. Zookeepers have long observed this humming habit in captive gorillas, and they say that the song becomes louder the more … Continued

New Guinea's rainforests are being destroyed with apparent impunity

It’s becoming hard to see the (rain) forests for the (felled) trees on the island of New Guinea at the moment. With a legal farce involving a renowned large-scale timber thief playing out in West Papua, a new report has also just revealed that an area of Papua New Guinea’s rainforests larger than Australia’s entire … Continued

The story of the steppe wolf

The wolf has been portrayed as the pariah of the prairie and the killer on the steppe for as long as anyone can remember in Kazakhstan—just as it has around the rest of the world. From folklore to fairy tales, Canis lupus is the go-to villain of numerous narratives, forever menacing children or slaughtering valuable … Continued

Reefscapers: Architects of evolution in the garden of Atlantis

Reefs right around the world are in strife—we all know this. Between warming waters, rising acidification, coral bleaching, yellow-blotch disease, over-fishing, climate-change and El Niño triggered mega-storms, oil spills, crown-of-thorn starfish invasions, sewage dumps and clumsy clod-footed tourists, life has never been harder if you happen to be part of a naturally occurring colony of … Continued

Love Nature sets up Camp Zambia, to create shows offering an intensely intimate look at the country's wildlife

Here at Love Nature we’re dedicated to documenting the vast array of life that inhabits our planet, delivering the most intimate and unique animal stories from around the globe straight to your living room. Now, with the help of UK based Plimsoll Productions, we’re setting up Camp Zambia, looking to capture even more spectacular and … Continued

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Under the lens: Peacock mantis shrimp

Kay Burn Lim is an aerial and underwater videographer currently shooting out on location in Indonesia’s Lembeh Straits for the upcoming Love Nature show ‘Strange Creatures’ Famed as having some of the best ‘muck diving’ in the world, the straits are a macro-heaven full of tiny, unusual and curious critters, perfect for this particular assignment. … Continued